Membership (player) registration form 2018/19

Please use a separate form for each player application

Club officials may occasionally send emails or newsletters as an alternative form of contact. These will be used to inform our players /parents of squad matters, forthcoming events or club news. If you would like to receive info this way, please provide a suitable address below. NOTE: Bleak Hill Rovers will NOT divulge these details to any third party without your prior consent.

Medical details:

Please indicate any medical conditions that we should be aware of e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, any allergy or intolerance. Please also indicate any family history of heart problems (e.g. Parent or Grandparent / Heart attack, angina, Cardiomyopathy).


Emergency contact details

In the event that no-one can be contacted on the above home number, please provide an alternative emergency contact:

Player agreement

I agree to be bound by and to observe the Club Rules & the Rules and Regulations of the Football Association and all competition rules in which the Club participates. I agree to observe and abide by the Club Codes of Conduct available on the Club web site.

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Parental consent

In the event that my son/daughter is injured whilst playing football/travelling to and from football events and I cannot be contacted on the above number(s), I hereby give consent for my child to receive medical attention.

Parent Guardian Declaration: (to be acknowledged by all Parents/Guardians who may accompany the child to a match) I have read and understood the Code of Conduct for Spectators and Parents and agree to abide by it at all times. I also agree and understand that sanctions may be imposed on myself and that ultimately these may affect my child should I breach the Code

of Conduct. Furthermore, I also acknowledge and agree that I am a Participant for the purposes of Football Association Rules and Regulations and therefore subject to such Rules and Regulations.

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A representative of the Club may occasionally take team photographs for the Club web site or for promotional purposes in the local press. Photographs are taken in accordance with the Child Protection and Best Practice Guidelines issued by the Football Association. If, however, you DO NOT wish your son/daughter to appear on ANY team photos...

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I don't want my child to appear on photosI'm happy for my child to appear on photos

Membership type

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Just trainingJust playing matchesBoth

The club membership fees for the season 2018/2019 include the winter indoor training except for the pre-league players. This will be arranged with their coach. If anyone has any hardship with this payment, please contact our Welfare Officer. All fees to be paid directly into the bank. Coaches will not accept cash or cheque in future. Payments can be paid by standing order either monthly, or annually which ever you prefer. Once you have chosen a preference this cannot be changed during the season. The first payment is due on 1st May 2018 for existing members. All members joining before the 31st August must have paid a minimum of £48 before they will be allowed to play in matches.

New players joining after 31st August will pay £18 per month including the month in which they join. If players wish to pay an annual amount please contact the secretary.

The bank details are as follows:

Bleak Hill Rovers
Sort Code: 607008
Account Number: 58778667

Club Membership fees for the 2018/2019 season are shown in the table below:

Team Annual Fee Monthly Fee after 31st August 2018
Pre-league player (Under 6s or younger) - £6
Girls / Wildcats - £6
League player (u7s to u18s) 1 child £144 £18
League player (u7s to u18s) 2 children £264 £33
League player (u7s to u18s) 3 children or more will be contacted individually

Please indicate which form of payment you wish to make by ticking the appropriate box: (required)

Please indicate the amount of payment by showing your chosen monthly/annual payment in the payment amount box.

If you have more than one child at the club please put the total monthly/annual payment in the payment amount box on the first registration form and a zero in the payment amount box on the second and subsequent registration forms

I hereby give consent for my child to join the Club.
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Bleak Hill Rovers take our responsibility for looking after information seriously. We follow the data Protection Act at all times when asking for or handling your information including:

Personal data will be processed fairly and lawfully and will only be used for purposes for which it was collected. We will not ask for excessive data and it will be kept for no longer than necessary. Data is kept secure against unauthorised access and loss or damage.

Sensitive information will be asked for e.g. health information to ensure coaches are aware of any health issues which may affect players.

Retention of Information

Any information provided to the club will be kept on a password protected computer. Once the player leaves the club all information will be destroyed


By submitting this form you accept all the rules and conditions of the club. Please contact us if you wish to conduct any of these conditions.