New Club Shop

We have a new kit supplier in O’Neills and they have created a new Club Shop for us with a lot of new gear. Please visit the shop on our website.

Year 4 Girls Teams

We are going to start a Year 4 girls team in September. If you know of anyone who might be interested and is in Year 3 now, please contact me on

Back in December?

We are hoping that the Government will relax the lock down enough to enable us to get back to training and playing as soon as possible after 2nd December but our priority is to ensure the safety of all our members, their relations and friends.


Does your daughter want to learn to play football?

Why not bring her along to our Wildcats Group (from Reception to year 3) at 2pm each Sunday afternoon on Ecclesfield.

Please email for more details.

We now have 6 girls teams from ages 9 to 14 and many of there youngsters have come through our Wildcats Group.

Reception Skills Group

Is your youngster (boy or girl) going into Reception in September and want to learn how to play football?

If so, email for details.

We train every Sunday afternoon at 2pm but from beginning of September (or when schools open) we will be back at 10am each Saturday morning in De La Salle school.

We are your local Community Club so why not come and join us?

Corona Virus

It is highly likely that both the Warrington League and St Helens/Rainhill League will cancel matches for the next few weeks. At the moment there is no FA guidance on training but our position is that we will leave a decision about training with the coach/parents of each team until a definitive statement is made by the FA or schools close.

Please contact for any updates or concerns.